Hello, dear reader ! I am a homeschooling mom of two precious children and I’ve been married to my dear husband for 18 years, praying for many more. Out of my desire to homeschool our kids and find ways to help me raise them for the Lord, I started an unknown, at times insecure but wonderful and purposeful journey to launch an online business with absolutely no resources at all in the beginning .

Our children and I came together with the idea of creating a simple , beautiful drawing, a reminder for them to have everyday by playing and going to bed, so in our desire to share it and be a blessing to many other children, encouraged by other entrepreneur mom’s and their stories and now here I am launching our first product with the Lord’s help and grace, own design, trade marked brand and seeing a dream coming true. We are not perfect, our products might not be perfect, but they surely come from a heart willing to serve and give the glory to Jesus ❤️.

We are a family that lived in several countries and we treasure our family, friends and memories from Europe, while being so happy to live and find our home here in US. I am so proud of the kids, they love the Lord, speak 4 languages fluently and read the bible on a daily basis in each language, they have been helping me so much with the pictures, videos, their advice and honest opinion in their own eyes. We had to adjust to many changes during production process and I had to learn so many things, but God was always so good and helped me / us. We live only for Him and through Him and we desire that our life will reflect the perfect One in us while praying and trusting for my husband to also give his life to the Lord.

Thank you so much for being here ! We appreciate you ! If you are interested to know how the Lord guided me, a simple mom, to start this business out of the desire  to start homeschooling our children and create some passive income at the same time so I can always be there for our kids , click here and you will see the wonderful community I am part of and where my journey started, making this dream possible with hard work and my family’s support. Even though my husband didn’t believe in it in the beginning :), I had God and our two precious children believing in me.  When we are not able, HE is able ! Praise the Lord !

Click here to see where my entrepreneurship dream and business started and became a reality :

In His love,